Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ringtone Pursuits

Yes, I'm probably getting tangled providing user generated ringtones. Sign my NDA if you want more details. In the meantime, follow me down a path to get a ringtone by an industry standard method.....

I open my SquirrelMail email browser to discover the usual spam with gleams of gold of email I want to read. One subject line in a slice-o-spam grabs my attention, "Get todays best ringtones for your phone" and I open the email to discover a girl-in-a bikini gif animation and the following text: Unsubscribe Here
402-612 Boleskine Rd.
Victoria, BC
V8Z 1E8

Note:) In the faint text that indicates writing a letter to Hong Kong might stop this daily email....

So I click thru to open a new browser window at where I find the same pretty girl in another bikini and instructions and TERMS AND CONDITIONS to download a complimentary ringtone. I'm a little suspicious ;) because the complimentary ringtone seems to require a subscription.
Here is the web page:


Sequential order of company/URL involvement in above two step scheme:
"Ringtone JAMJAM"
Ringtonejamjam P.O. Box 89252, Kowloon City Post Office, Hong Kong, 402-612 Boleskine Rd., Victoria, BC, Canada V8Z 1E8

I'm through with this research step.
Now that I re-read the language and detail within the T-n-C and I don't think I'll be getting that complimentary ringtone for $19.99/month. I now proceed to follow up on Sales Hunt proposal, finishing more vodcasts for the recently released New-York Historical Society cell phone / iPod tours, and delve into a cost analysis of my diverse portfolio of art and product.

PS: Forgive the chopped up images above, alas an artifact of copying code from one source into another.

PPS: 2006.12.02 I killed the webpages and images as they were actively seeking their masters...

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