Monday, November 04, 2013

Natural Beef for sale November 7, 2013

Part of my income comes from a personal exploration of sustainable agriculture. I made this iPad video of our herd of 40 heifers in August 2013. Located in western Nebraska, the cattle have now gained more weight eating organic crop stubble, native grass buffer strips and clover.

On Thursday November 7, 2013 at the Ogallala Sale Barn I am selling most of the 650+ lb herd. Our supporting website is Ogallala Natural Beef. My brand is the 'lazy S backward B.' A link watch a real time video of the auction is found via You need to register with the sale barn to buy cattle online. I need to sell these beauties per the stipulations of my loan with Pinnacle Bank.

Depending on a favorable outcome at auction, next year I want to pursue a two year all natural organic grass fed cattle practice from birth to slaughter. These calves will be chipped to validate their genetic source that is a requirement for organic certification.

Suitcase farmer,