Friday, October 10, 2008

AIG Blunder and letter to Secretary Paulson

Dear Secretary Paulson,

Although this event was probably calendared in advance and the venue required a substantial deposit, the AIG executives who headed out on a St. Regis retreat acted irresponsibly.

Since AIG is so confused about their priorities, I believe your office should publish the proceedings of the retreat as well as publicly list the attendees. I recommend your office use the AIG blunder as an example to them and other bail out companies of misbehavior that can not be condoned.

I do not want a purge and I do not want socialism. Instead give the struggling mismanaged business leaders clear guidelines on the proper business ethics you expect. I look forward to the future of responsible free enterprise.

[1. My note on October 10, 2008 to Secretary Paulson was prompted by]

[2. Since I imagine Secretary Paulson or his aides having little time to read my electronic missives I share this with the reader here;-]