Monday, October 19, 2009

FROM fookie TO gaia online

I don't know bethlora at Gaia Online. She emailed a[at]pet-pals asking me if I were really her friend. Pondering this I wished I was out fishing for blues with my Cuban Yo-Yo under schooling menhaden in Greenport. However from my cave on Ludlow I joined GO instead and my avatar is ukutoro. To test the fun and secure a few more gold pieces to buy virt-clothes, I used some of my sign-up reward gold to buy a nixie tube lottery card. I tried my trusty fookie to pick the number and include the result below:

My fortune was a good Monday morning grounding and perhaps you will find the flaw in the lottery number.

I opened Fetch to make repairs to the PHP.

Thank you Gaia for this blessing and guidance.