Monday, October 23, 2006

NN International Excercise RULES, 2006 Fall

The International Exercise
"Put yourself in the picture, in the place."

1. Students are formed into an international team (one London student, one Philadelphia, one Tokyo). Some students in London and Tokyo are members on more than one team to give each Philadelphia student a team. London and Tokyo students, I thank you for your extra effort.

2. Students introduce themselves by email.

3. The team decides on an orientation/topic to pick for the photos of themselves in the city, see suggested list below.

4. Each student on each team must submit 4 pictures of themselves in the city in the context of the orientation/topic

5. Each student provides 10 seconds of audio commentary that covers all 4 pictures.

6. The team collaboratively decides the presentation order of their audio/photo collage i.e London/Tokyo/Philadelphia or Tokyo/Philadelphia/London et cetera or a mashup if the team desires.

7. Each team submits as their final 12 photos + 30 sec. of audio to Steve Bull (steve[[at]] with CC: your individual instructors.

8. Steve Bull will turn each team submission into an image montage (video) podcast.

9. Neighborhood Narratives will have an international set of 18 (or so) 30 sec. podcasts totaling 9 minutes.

10. Exercise due: Nov. 7.

Game Centers
Bars & Pubs
Transportation (trains and/or buses)
Community Sports
Sentos (public baths or saunas/spas)
Interior Design
Convenient Stores
Street Performances
Foreign Cuisine
Junk Food

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