Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Slavery in New York, 1651

As a telephone artist presenting two 60 second audio tour segments in Peter Stuyvesant's Ghost (PSG), Sound Art and Historical Environment Project, November 15-19, 2006 [], I propose the following research for your critical review.

My Premise and audio segment individuals:
- Dutch colonial slave woman sings a lullaby to her mis' baby.
- Dutch colonial field slave sings West African chants while he hoes the Great Bowerie.

Slave Songs of the United States - lyrics - lyrics
African Music on the Internet
** inspiration **
The Embassy of Angola U.K. site also has kizomba music
and a web site based in Toronto, Canada is
Music Research Institute is a non-profit educational institution founded in 1984. Dr. Cynthia Tse Kimberlin is Executive Director. Its MRI Press publishes the series, Intercultural Music, Chaka, an opera in two chants composed by Akin Euba, from an epic poem by Leopold Sedar Senghor, and the bulletin, Intercultural Musicology, edited by Cynthia Tse Kimberlin and Akin Euba. Based in Point Richmond, CA.
Google 20061108 "ethnomusicology"
Contemporary Angolan musicians - Wikipedia - no audio snips
Capoeira Angola Palmares of Seattle / Midwest U.S.A.
Capoeira Angola - Wikipedia music/movement art form based on Angolan slave traditions
BBC - Leicester World on Your Street - Paulo Carnoth of Angola
African Roots of Latin Music Project at CUNY
African Studies Center | Angola Page - Resources and Links
Angola Music Links

Bonga is the master of Angolan music

Paz em Angola by BONGA (Barceloe Carvalho) CD K-A592p NYPL - contemporary sound

Special thank you to research assitance from Harvey G. Lehtman and Douglas Andrew Inglis

Monday, November 06, 2006

NN International Excercise VODCAST TITLES

Below is the specification for the MTV-like VODCAST TITLES that shall appear at the dead of the vodcast for 5 seconds and then fade out in each of the NN International Excercise Vodcasts. This might be of primary interest to the DIY teams.

- format -

"theme name"
Artist, first, names
Neighborhood Narratives
Temple University

- a NN instructor's vodcast might read -

"Home + Work = Life"
Hana, Steve, Ron, Siobhan, David
Neighborhood Narratives
Temple University

- a New-York Historical Society example -

NN International Excercise VODCAST SPECS

For any team of the International Excercise that wants to make their own vodcast here is the VODCAST SPECIFICATION that I intend to follow with submitted student files. I am using Final Cut Pro HD 4.5 with file > export > Using Quick Time Conversion > MPEG-4 (mp4)

MPEG 4 settings
Video Track: Improved
Size: 320x240
Audio Track: Music
~980 kbits/second
fps: 30.0
key frame 24 frames
~100 kbits/second
Channels: Stereo
Output sample Rate: Recommended
Endcodinf Quality: Better
Hinting type: None
Maximum packet size: 1450 bytes
Maximum packet duration: 100 ms
Type: None
Internet connection speed: Any

And Quicktime Movie Info reports these specs when playing my finished vodcasts:

MPEG-4 Audio, Stereo, 44100 Hz
MPEG-4 Video, 320x240, Millions
Data Rate: 95.7 K bytes/sec
Normal Size: 320 x 240 pixels

PS: I am new to vodcasting with a few vodcasts produced for the New-York Historical Society and I would appreciate hearing from you about different, better or more practical mp4 specifications.

Thank you, Steve[at]