Wednesday, October 09, 2013

[HELP] How to tightly crop live video to VGA output

I am in Montreal providing video support for musician Terri Hron for her performance in 2 days, Friday 8pm. I want to take a live component video and crop out most of the moving image to present only a narrow horizontal rectangle of video for output VGA for the projector like the stand-in image above.

I've got an old MacBook and an old MacBookPro with VGA dongles out but they seem useless as I have no way to get the video in. I've got the loan of two nice Sony PMW EX1 cameras that I am just learning to use.

I think I am looking for a VJ switcher. If yes, then what are a few model names of those units I might find this evening in Montreal?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

SCOUT, robot boat passes Mid-Atlantic 1000 mile mark

"Scout is a twelve foot long autonomous robotic boat designed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, relying only on prr-programmed commands and information that it can collect about its environment through sensors. It is built to deal with anything the ocean can throw at it, and its status will be reported live online." -

Read a thoughtful article on site.
Live tracking
And following good DIY practice, the trolling motor was purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods.