Monday, April 21, 2008

Today's Featured Widget from

I never heard of Clearspring before reading, "I would create a flash widget (i.e. using Wijering's or Flow Player's open source flash players) and encapsulate it with Yahoo's, Microsofts, Apple's or Adobe's (AIR) widget platforms. You can do a lot of this with's APIs." from a posting to [newtech-1] list. The UI is a little busy for my taste, however an occasional Dilbert read boosts my spirits.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Odin's one good eye

The cellphone camera is Odin’s one good eye. The cellphone is a magical device connected to the Internet, a technology that is often portrayed as a cloud. Odin’s wife spins the cloud.

The 7th century Tängelgarda stone shows Odin leading a troop of warriors all bearing rings. Valknut symbols are drawn beneath his horse, which is depicted with four legs.

Inspiration source:

Monday, April 14, 2008

Outbound Asterisk calls

For sometime I've been noodling with Asterisk and I now have three boxes chugging away in the iCloud. But I never enabled outbound calling. I shall use this post to chart my progress:

2008 April 14 - The great customer service from reminds me that I need to install a SIP softphone on my Debian Linux box.
- X-Lite from CounterPath and VoIPer (I can't find their URL) are two SIP softphone candidates.
- After I add the softphone, I will add an extension in my Asterisk dialplan to the SIP softphone that inturn will make the outbound call.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hosting Notions 2nd Qtr 2008

Comparing email & voip/Asterisk & web hosting providers

- I like [voip/Asterisk]
- Check out an outfit in LIC called SpecialAI [voip/Asterisk + web]
- I currently host some with Carpathia that provides scalable video streaming
- I'm ready to look beyond dreamhost
- The only host i've really been happy with is RimuHosting
- I'm very fond of Laughing Squid
- rackspace "fanatical support" is pretty comprehensive.
- I've had great luck with for outsourced exchange/outlook, etc.
- Exchange means i am hosting with them more than a year and zero downtime and good support.