Monday, October 16, 2006

Design a Critical Solution for the Neighborhood

Assignment due Oct. 17, 2006, Neighborhood Narratives

Design a critical solution for the neighborhood and post on your blog. Expressing yoiur design in text is an option, sketches and/or photographs illuminating, audio interesting, video is another presentation form....

This is based on the proposal of the Homeless Vehicle by Wodiczko as presented in the reading/handout -- and here's a link:
or google: 'wodiczko critical vehicle' to find other links.

However, don't take this assignment literally! Wheeling a vehicle into class would be okay, but the assignment is more about brainstorming a design approach to the issues raised by Wodiczko, such as 'memory of the nameless' and 'tradition of the vanquished' and 'everyday a new history needs to be written...announced by the stranger' et al

Critical Vehicle  by Wodiczko
Critical Vehicle  by Wodiczko

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