Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Day #HTB2013 of Hot Ephemerates

Today is the last day of my Hot Ephemerates at Hack The Barbican London residency #HTB2013. While I couldn't attend personally, the project gave me some insight and inspiration for new code work. Hey, launching an unlimited number of code sculptures in the Barbican is exposure!

Below are two views of No. 1, one of the six sculptures that visitors to the public hallway near the Curve exit have discovered. I modified my iPad settings so as I work in Greenport NY, the iPad thinks it's located in London.

The neighbor's house across the intersection in Greenport shows a corner of sculpture No. 1.

To the right of the sculpture is the top of sculpture No. 2.

I'm paying for comments and documentation images by visitors taking screenshots of the sculptures.

In the spirit of hacking and sharing, I'm publishing the code for Hot Ephemerates here. The other five sculptures in this location use the same code with different variable names so all the sculptural elements will show at the same time.

Seventy-three separate elements (35 .zip model files, 35 .jpg images, 3 .mov movies) were used to build these Hot Ephemerates. I wrote 533 lines of code which includes commenting. My tool set are SketchUp Pro to build the models, Adobe Photoshop CS4 to edit the images, Final Cut Pro v.7 to edit the movies, Junaio to provide AR specifications and free browser, SubEthaEdit to edit the PHP files, and Fetch to load the files to the internet server. 1and1 is the hosting company.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Image of two sculptures Flaneur Barbican

Screen shot today from iPad in Greenport NY of two sculptures from Flaneur Babican - Hot Ephemerates. This is hack, I put the local latitude and longitude coordinates of the #HTB2013 Barbican in London into my iPad to relocate the sculptures in the USA.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates moves to London

"Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates" is public and live at the Hack The Barbican. Effectively, this means the installation is in technical trials until its opening on Monday, August 26th. More details available at installation page where visitors can download this Junaio channel by QR code method.

The installation begins in the Curve Exit Gallery 5B arcs around the crescent of the venue to give a pleasing perspective to the 3D sculptural elements. Additionally, three Doric columns are aligned along Beech Street. Each 3D column launches a different short video when the visitor touches the object on the screen.

I renamed the AR channel "Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates" - - my partner Terese Svoboda proposed the catchy Hot Ephemerates moniker. Here's the channel description,
"You, a wanderer at Hack The Barbican discover Hot Ephemerates automatically rendered 3D code sculpture.
- Walk into any sculpture.
- Share a screenshot with icon found on lower left hand corner of screen.
- Touch a street side column to see a short video."

For the curious in today's development, note in this screen grab of taken from the Junaio iPad-view browser interface, I was launching the channel from my studio in Greenport NY see the blue dot within the blue circle on the left. I will continue to tweak the installation in London until Sunday. Zooming in on the venue by the two finger iPad method produced the image at the top of this posting.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday 3D model for Hack The Barbican

- two of the six 3D multi-element ephemeral objects visible, getting close to the final model

Comment on Ambrose Deepwater Port

Since I took some time this morning on the federal .gov site!submitComment;D=USCG-2013-0363-0181 asking for comments on the development of the Ambrose Deepwater Port, I thought I would share them again below:

While I am in favor of national and international commerce and the creation of new infrastructure that will bring jobs to local citizens, I am NOT in favor of the proposal to create the Ambrose Deepwater Port and grant a license to Liberty Natural Gas, LLC.
Here are my several reasons:

1. The deepwater port will be located in the middle of a proposed offshore wind area, and among several fishing areas and wildlife migration routes. The offshore wind area should be permitted to go forward, the fishing areas remain and the wildlife migration routes undisturbed by the development of a deepwater port.

2. Liberty Natural Gas, LLC. is a semi-transparent company with unknown stakeholders. Here is what I have read, "Liberty Natural Gas is a foreign energy interest -- the corporation may be licensed in Delaware with an office in New York City, but it is managed by an investment group in Toronto, Canada, and entirely owned by a bank account in the Cayman Islands." The LLC distances the individual investors from any liability in development, maintenance, operation and eventual decommission of the deepwater port. Simply put, for a small risk Liberty Natural Gas, LLC. gets easy profits and NYC, NYS and the community get too small a return on this investment. I would prefer an applicant of a completely transparent company and this should be a requirement in all future applications.

3. This deepwater port indirectly promotes hydrofracking for shale gas using an undisputed short term method for extracting natural gas BUT an unknown long term damage to aquifers. The deepwater port is an obvious high profit money making scheme that will benefit the few investors while directly and indirectly doing tremendous harm to the aquifers and local environment.

Therefore, I propose this application be suspended for at least 5 years to better understand the overall impact of the deepwater port on NYS, NYC and the local region.

However, I would be in favor of a less ambitious proposal integrating a smaller port with smaller shipping vessels as a part of a broader plan that includes development of offshore wind power electric generation, and of course, promotes sensible acknowledgement and preservation of the local environment.

Thank you,
Stephen Medaris Bull

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Progress 13.08.10 Flaneur Barbican ARt

On a Greenport NY intersection I am experimenting with another direction to create 3D objects for the Flanuer Barbican installation at Hack The Barbican.

Within the red cylinder a blue transparent rod appears. In the background beyond the red cylinder a DNA taro leaf spiral appears. In the upper right hand corner of the screen/image three objects are shown captured in this view.

From a position outside the perimeter of the red cylinder the blue cylinder does not appear. Apparently[pun], a transparent 3D object can not be seen within another transparent 3D object. An unrelated second large blue cylinder appears alongside the red cylinder.

Friday, August 09, 2013

c1 model test for Hack The Barbican:

c1 model test created in attic studio in Greenport NY

Check out the nine photos Flickr in order with captions beginning "c1-test" for some how-to on how I made the 3D object.

Here is the code of the two object files exported by SketchUp Pro.

FILE: 8x8x8_ceiling_2walls_c1.mtl (materials file)
## Alias OBJ Material File
# Exported from SketchUp, (c) 2000-2012 Trimble Navigation Limited

newmtl sky_256x256
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Kd 0.501961 0.501961 0.501961
Ks 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
map_Kd sky_256x256.png

newmtl M_13_256x256
Ka 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Kd 0.501961 0.501961 0.501961
Ks 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
map_Kd M_13_256x256.png

FILE: 8x8x8_ceiling_2walls_c1.obj (the 3D oject file exported from SketchUp Pro
# Alias OBJ Model File
# Exported from SketchUp, (c) 2000-2012 Trimble Navigation Limited
# File units = feet

mtllib 8x8x8_ceiling_2walls_c1.mtl

g Mesh1 Model

usemtl sky_256x256
v 4.13539 8 4.84642
vt 0 0
vn 0 -0.0833333 -0
v -3.86461 8 4.84642
vt 1 0
v -3.86461 8 -3.15358
vt 1 1
v 4.13539 8 -3.15358
vt 0 1
f 1/1/1 2/2/1 3/3/1 4/4/1 

vn -0 0.0833333 0
f 1/1/2 4/4/2 3/3/2 2/2/2 

usemtl M_13_256x256
v 4.13539 0 -3.15358
vn -0.0833333 0 -0
v 4.13539 0 4.84642
f 5/1/3 6/2/3 1/3/3 4/4/3 

vn 0.0833333 -0 0
f 5/1/4 4/4/4 1/3/4 6/2/4 

v -3.86461 0 -3.15358
vn 0 0 0.0833333
f 7/1/5 5/2/5 4/3/5 3/4/5 

vn -0 -0 -0.0833333
f 7/1/6 3/4/6 4/3/6 5/2/6