Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Day #HTB2013 of Hot Ephemerates

Today is the last day of my Hot Ephemerates at Hack The Barbican London residency #HTB2013. While I couldn't attend personally, the project gave me some insight and inspiration for new code work. Hey, launching an unlimited number of code sculptures in the Barbican is exposure!

Below are two views of No. 1, one of the six sculptures that visitors to the public hallway near the Curve exit have discovered. I modified my iPad settings so as I work in Greenport NY, the iPad thinks it's located in London.

The neighbor's house across the intersection in Greenport shows a corner of sculpture No. 1.

To the right of the sculpture is the top of sculpture No. 2.

I'm paying for comments and documentation images by visitors taking screenshots of the sculptures.

In the spirit of hacking and sharing, I'm publishing the code for Hot Ephemerates here. The other five sculptures in this location use the same code with different variable names so all the sculptural elements will show at the same time.

Seventy-three separate elements (35 .zip model files, 35 .jpg images, 3 .mov movies) were used to build these Hot Ephemerates. I wrote 533 lines of code which includes commenting. My tool set are SketchUp Pro to build the models, Adobe Photoshop CS4 to edit the images, Final Cut Pro v.7 to edit the movies, Junaio to provide AR specifications and free browser, SubEthaEdit to edit the PHP files, and Fetch to load the files to the internet server. 1and1 is the hosting company.

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