Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates moves to London

"Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates" is public and live at the Hack The Barbican. Effectively, this means the installation is in technical trials until its opening on Monday, August 26th. More details available at installation page where visitors can download this Junaio channel by QR code method.

The installation begins in the Curve Exit Gallery 5B arcs around the crescent of the venue to give a pleasing perspective to the 3D sculptural elements. Additionally, three Doric columns are aligned along Beech Street. Each 3D column launches a different short video when the visitor touches the object on the screen.

I renamed the AR channel "Flaneur Barbican - Hot Ephemerates" - - my partner Terese Svoboda proposed the catchy Hot Ephemerates moniker. Here's the channel description,
"You, a wanderer at Hack The Barbican discover Hot Ephemerates automatically rendered 3D code sculpture.
- Walk into any sculpture.
- Share a screenshot with icon found on lower left hand corner of screen.
- Touch a street side column to see a short video."

For the curious in today's development, note in this screen grab of taken from the Junaio iPad-view browser interface, I was launching the channel from my studio in Greenport NY see the blue dot within the blue circle on the left. I will continue to tweak the installation in London until Sunday. Zooming in on the venue by the two finger iPad method produced the image at the top of this posting.

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