Saturday, July 27, 2013

Perkins County corn feld report

Today at latitude 40.7168 and longitude -101.959, I discovered 100 acres of four foot tall corn with two ears per stalk. This crop, and my other farming interests, I share with Terese Svoboda. Her dad, Frank Svoboda, introduced me to farming in Western Nebraska. This crop has successfully weathered earlier stress from lack of rain and now appears better with recent moisture. More moisture is expected this week. I hope without hail.

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Steve Bull said...

I have learned from an agronomist, my farming partner's wife, that the 2nd ear is a beneficial sacrificial ear of corn. As the plant matures, the energy of the 2nd ear will be pushed into the 1st ear of corn to make it more worthy. The primary ear has 14 rows of kernels and that is a nice number for dry land corn. And the land received more rain, no hail, and that is good news.