Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Flaneur Barbican" in Hack the Barbican

Location: Curve Exit, Barbican, London UK
Dates: August 26-31, 2013

"Flaneur Barbican" is a site specific augmented reality installation for the Hack the Barbican residency, August 2013. Fortuitously I just ended the 150th Residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) leaving with a greater clarity of this installation. In part, I plan to put a room within a room by AR method. The interior of Roberson Dance Studio of ACA will be placed into the Curve Exit interior space of the Barbican.

Using their smart phone or tablet, each visitor to the "Flaneur Barbican" AR installation will look for floating sleeping faces. Touching a face wakes a short performance video.


I have a working prototype now. I plan to share a work-in-progress link to the AR channel soon. The installation AR is coded for the Junaio browser, a FREE download found in Android and Apple iPad/iPhone stores, use "junaio" in your search string. The installation code will become publicly available.

I would like to include more performances from the Barbican locale or wherever. The current AR performers are either movers (dancers) or musicians of the 150th Residency. Interested in adding your's? Please email/DropBox me your performance video, .mov, 10 to 30 seconds; your performance video length, thus file size, is limited by the download bandwidth to the mobile device. It would be really awesome if a submitter(s) made their video in or around the Barbican so later the installation visitor will try to discover the performance location and possibly create her own own mobile phone performance video response. I will review all videos submissions and the engaging ones will get my further formatting and preparation for the AR installation. HINT: I prefer steady video shots using a tripod - - it's only ~15 seconds! IMHO: The zoom lens is only useful to frame a shot, then leave the zoom untouched. OKAY: Challenge me and break the earlier directives. SAMPLE: To give you a taste of what I am looking for touch the floating AR face above. TECHNICAL: The linked movie was shot in the Roberson Dance Studio using a Flip camera and finished with FCP + a QuickTime conversion for AR mobile browser display.

Production code: R112

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