Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ferry: Battery Powered

This was spotted from the crow's nest today and now I share it with you.

MARCH 22, 2013 — Rolls-Royce plc has signed a contract for the delivery of its Azipull propulsion and control system for a "ferry of the future" that will operate on battery power alone.
The vessel is being built at the Fjellstrand shipyard in Norway, and once in service will be operated by Norwegian ferry operator Norled between Lavik and Oppedal.
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michael jordan said...

Information provided in this page is informative and interesting.One of the famous firm Norwegian shipping firm Norled introducing world's first electrical car and passenger ferry powered by batteries.It uses just 150kWh per route and which equals to 3 days use of electricity in Norewgian household.Addition of this ferry will be the boost for Norway's coastline.