Sunday, March 10, 2013

QR codes - a brief investigation

In the process of using a "free" Internet QR code generator for SONic Geography, I have always had a suspicion that a different QR code result would occur depending on the website visited. There are differences. Look below and then read the explanation.





1. =
2. =
3. =
4. =
5. =
My testing method was provided by QR4 - thank you. Beyond the obvious sneaky redirect in result 1 the explanation of the differences is found in this discussion thread from The variable seems to be the error-detection algorithm.

From my investigation I recommend as they give you control over the QR code parameters mentioned in the stackoverflow thread.

Note the URLs of the "free" QR code generator websites in the QR file name of the .PNG

Wikipedia writes about the QR code standard.

SONic Geography runs April-May, 2013 via Toronto CANADA.

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