Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My WRT Resource Page

Code snippets table for common use cases with code example

CS001242 - Sending SMS messages in WRT - Does NOT work on my Nokia E71 - This code snippet shows how to send SMS messages synchronously and asynchronously using the Messaging Platform Service for S60 Web Runtime introduced in S60 5th Edition.

How to build a Web Runtime layout with Header and Buttons Bar a stepping stone to better UI

Remote Device Access Services - remote testing for short periods of time on real devices -- major boon. Try the camera on each device to get weird POV of the testing bench. And don't forget to DELETE/REMOVE your application after testing...actually it is sort of fun to test the other applications that developers have left behind.

Forum Nokia Device Specifications page. You can also look for which phones support WRT by selecting, "Web Runtime" from the filter.

Web Runtime API reference - very useful reference. I recommend novices build a WRT test application and discover the properties of each of them.
* * * Noto Bene: * * *
Some of the APIs might confuse you in Aptana emulator.
For example:
Web Runtime API reference > JavaScript widget object > openApplication()
audio recorder works :) within WRT sideloaded onto Nokia E71
but produced alert message ;( unable to show w/in emulator
// Recorder 0x100058CA
// Enables the mobile device user to record audio clips.
widget.openApplication(0x100058CA, "");

Web Runtime widgets - basic introduction page to WRT

I will try to update this page from time-to-time. - Steve, 2009-06-20

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Silicon Dad said...

Hi Steve, great blog. Just a note, Platform services access (ability to send SMS through messaging, etc.) is only available now on Nokia 5800 and N97. More devices will be coming with this Platform services access.

regards and keep up the great blog,

Craig Cumberland