Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nokia N95 Version Info

Key in *#0000# on opening main menu of your Nokia N95 and you will discover the device firmware version details. Mine are

V 10.2.006
Nokia N95 (19.01)

I'm not sure AGPS is crunching number within and I want to optimize the N95 GPS capabilities in el Canyons de Nueva York. I imagine any tuning will help. Naive; maybe. So I'll be taking this unit to my local

Nokia Flagship Store
5 East 57th Street
New York NY
(212) 758-1980

to get the firmware upgrade gratis. That is, if the unit is still under warranty. Stay tuned.


Steven said...

I am wondering why you are taking it to a shop to upgrade instead of just using the Nokia Software updater, accessible from PC-Suite... just plug the N95 into a USB cable and it will download and install the latest firmware version for you. Works with most Series 60 Platform 3 handsets including N95.

Steve said...

The store was convenient and I like their customer service and felt they would take proper responsibility and the necessary extra steps to ensure the upgrade was a success. My new firmware specs:
V 11.2.009
Nokia N95 (19.01)
and now with AGPS kicking I am happy enough with my GPS fixes in Lower East Side, Manhattan.