Monday, March 31, 2014

NASA space photo of my farmland

Satellite Shows High Productivity from U.S. Corn Belt
and my dryland farm is much smaller than a pixel.

"Data from satellite sensors show that during the Northern Hemisphere's growing season, the Midwest region of the United States boasts more photosynthetic activity than any other spot on Earth, according to NASA and university scientists.

Healthy plants convert light to energy via photosynthesis, but chlorophyll also emits a fraction of absorbed light as a fluorescent glow that is invisible to the naked eye. The magnitude of the glow is an excellent indicator of the amount of photosynthesis, or gross productivity, of plants in a given region." more . . . I subscribe to NASA.

NEWS: I spoke to Brandon earlier today and he says the wheat survived the winter and he is planting the field peas now. My next call is to Scott to ask about my small grass-fed herd.

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