Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"x twelve v.1" is latest AR on Junaio

"x twelve v.1" is my latest ARt attempt, channel No. 171744 on Junaio. This 12x loop 3D cylinder object built around a common axis is cast forth by the user in front of where ever (s)he is standing. Like my AZZA series, this 3D object is created in code using a multi-part random number sequence, thus ephemeral, never to be repeated, only a view of the result can be recorded by the mobile device still camera.
x twelve v.1 recorded on iPad2
Using a simple hack of closing the iPad I was able to drag this object created on East 63rd Street into the "F" line subway tunnel, a portion under renovation, many feet below. I like the painterly quality of the higher resolution image. Click on the image and if you agree, or not, let me know.

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