Thursday, November 03, 2011

Death Is My Caddy

Death is my caddy and the others
   in my party don't seem to notice.
He proposes the seven iron
   as I play under par.
While I get no holes-in-one,
   Death applauds my long putts.
I can feel Death's hot eyes
   as I wedge out of a sand trap.
Death chuckles when I
   murder the ball.
Death kindly offers advise
   on how I can improve my swing.
I fish some other's lost
   Titleist from the water hazard.
Lightning strikes me down
   as I tee off on the 13th hole.
I will wait for my companions
   at Gabriel's clubhouse bar.

Death Is My Caddy
by Steve Bull, November 2, 2011
for Bert Fraser
Death and Dying Conference
sponsored by AtlantiCare
at Stockton College

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Anonymous said...

Love and fear, you do it well. We laugh.