Sunday, February 27, 2011

Villa Dei Pini (work in progress)

at 44.379856, 9.059553

I just posted model "Villa Dei Pini (work in progress)" to my warehouse and this is a geo located villa that still needs a roof and photos of the exterior walls painted onto the basic shape.

However, at this stage when I position the building into the terrain, the terrain is not adjusted for the grading to the grounds adjacent the the model walls. Thus the uphill portion of the model is buried while the downhill side of the model is suspended in the air. What is the procedure to correctly place the model? Do I need to also create the terraces in the terrain around the building?

I am a guest here for 10 more days and I would like to get as much finished on this project as possible so any immediate comments will be much appreciated.

view: cross section screen grab

view: model on terrain

view: model on map

Ariel view by maps.Google and TeleAtlas

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