Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

"Every year, people in all 50 states and across six continents see birds in their own backyards that begin their lives on the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to more than 200 wildlife species including polar bears, musk ox and caribou. Wildlife and mankind are already under stress from the impacts of climate change. Put this cause on your agenda and focus your energy to designate this area a National Monument and you will protect a critical habitat for wildlife and help preserve biodiversity."

Everyday my email in-box has petitions from worthy causes that I have supported in the past. I endeavor to respond to one of them each day and delete the rest. The copy above was added to an automated letter to be sent from me to President Barack Obama. This service was expedited by the Sierra Club. The link to the USA federal government Arctic National Wildlife Refuge site is Here is Wikipedia's entry at This is authentic living 11/11/2010 and I personally support this message. Meet me to verify.

Creative commons details. Photo credit: Steven Chase, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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