Friday, May 30, 2008

SMS + Fookie

Following up on a colleague's suggestion, I may want to marry Fookie with an established SMS service. Mozes is the first one I begin to explore in my own meandering way.

Mozes SMS Service Raises $5m
Feb 21, 2007 ... SMS call-and-response service Mozes will announce in the morning that the company has raised $5 million in series A venture funding from ... - 72k

How do I create a keyword?
Go to our marketing site at and create a new account. When you complete registration, you'll see the option to "Get a Keyword". Click on that button to get your own Mozes keyword.

So I created "fookie" as a keyword and now I have my own new page to administer:

And then I created a personal identity to check on my campaign. Will this become a popular site for lucky chat? Stay tuned fortunate reader......

Other SMS channels to explore:
waterfall mobile
et cetera

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