Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hoffman Box - DIY in the kitchen

A Hoffman box is an enclosure used to secure electrical and/or network equipment, and is used in such things as a protected distribution system. - wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoffman_box

I am trying to perfect Pet-Pals for J2ME distribution on camera phones and I needed to pass a gnarly part of the Java Verified process performed by NSTL. To make my own Hoffman box I put the Nokia E71 into a small sauce pan inside a large sauce pan inside a larger pot with lids over all inside the oven. This combination gives great signal isolation. I do NOT recommend you cook a casserole at the same time.


redsolo said...

This worked excellent for me, except that my office didnt have an oven. But standing in the eleveator with two pans forced a 3G disconnection even if the 3G antenna are all over the place.


Vikrant said...

Its a great idea btw you can make your own Hoffman boxes to cut the 3G signals using Aluminium foils or fibre sheets. Depends actually on the type of app you working. You might need to debug the phone side by side when connected to laptop as well. So you can plug in the charger/ connecter as well there